Bryan Caron

Marianthe goes beyond professional in her work, trying hard to deliver work early and yet keep the art strong and compelling. When she wrote the music for my film, Trinity, she was very open to receiving feedback and ideas to help her hone the music to match the very dramatic atmosphere of the film. She never questioned any changes I had asked of her, but was also never afraid to speak her mind when she felt something wouldnt work. Not only that, but Marianthe understands music, and was able to create a score based on my own very limited musicality and descriptions of what I needed for particular scenes. The music she produced was so amazing, she accepted my offer to do a five minute piece for another film, which again added depth that otherwise would not have been there without it. She is an exceptional composer and she will always be one of the first composers I go to when I need music.

Bryan Caron: Director of Trinity & The Rose