Dan Jenski

It’s one thing to have talent. It’s another thing to be someone that artists want to collaborate with. As soon as Marianthe and I first met to discuss the music composition of my film “Triggered“, I knew I hit the jackpot. I was well aware of her multi-instrument and composing talents beforehand but what I didn’t know was how creative, open-minded and easy to work with she truly was. She took the reins and made the film better than I could’ve ever imagined. Everyone that has seen this film has had nothing but amazing things to say about the music. I’m thankful to have worked with her and can’t wait to do it again.

Dan Jenski: Executive Producer/Writer/Director of Triggered & Director/Writer/Lead Actor of ADDicted

Tamir Mostafa

I had the pleasure of working with Marianthe Bezzerides recently on my short film “I Do…?“. Even though I have been making films for close to 9 years the experience proved to be very educational. I learned that, even with budget restrictions, you can get what you want in a soundtrack. Marianthe took the musical references I supplied her with and created a original musical score that served to enrich the texture of the story. The music was not bombastic or pandering, it served the story as an almost invisible character. She adjusted tracks to my requirements and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to collaborating with Marianthe in the future. She is very knowledgeable in her craft while also open to suggestions and alterations for the benefit of the story.

Tamir Mostafa: Director of I Do...?

Jason Prisk

With very little direction, Marianthe will give you a score that rivals big budget studio films in terms of composition and performance quality. She has an amazing sense for knowing what each scene needs, and will “do the right thing“ to make each one reach its full potential. She is extremely creative and spends the time to get the intricate details and timing of each composition correct. The best thing about Marianthe is that she is willing to listen and is truly more concerned with the director’s vision for the score than with her own. I have strongly recommended her to others and will continue to collaborate with her in the future.

Jason Prisk: Director of The Solomon Bunch

Avital Ash

Marianthe is creative, talented, and motivated. She doesn’t need much to get started on her own, and is always innovative in her choices, yet flourishes when given specific, detailed direction. She wants to help you get what you want and is good at it. Marianthe’s also communicative, calm, and direct, which makes for easy and enjoyable collaboration. So important!

Avital Ash: Director/Writer and Lead Actress for Kaleidoscope

Sandra McCurdy

Marianthe’s work as a composer is impeccable. She’s not only talented but her instincts are right on. She was easy to work with and delivered exceptional music within our deadline. I would definitely recommend her and would love to hire her again for my next project.

Sandra McCurdy: Executive Producer/Writer of: Director of Dead Man's Bluff

Mauricio De la Orta

Marianthe is an exceptional composer who will walk the extra mile to help you convey the emotions you need for your film. Working with her was a very pleasant experience and she easily understood the needs of music for “The Relativity of Time“. I definitely look forward to working with her again.

Mauricio De la Orta: Director of The Relativity of Time

Tina Salmassi

It was a pleasure collaborating with Marianthe on my short film. We had several meetings to discuss the tone and mood I wanted to create with the music and Marianthe was very open to the collaboration and delivered a beautifully composed original score. She has the artistic and technical ability to provide a director with a timeless, haunting musical score for a film.

Tina Salmassi: Director of Violet and Rose

Bryan Caron

Marianthe goes beyond professional in her work, trying hard to deliver work early and yet keep the art strong and compelling. When she wrote the music for my film, Trinity, she was very open to receiving feedback and ideas to help her hone the music to match the very dramatic atmosphere of the film. She never questioned any changes I had asked of her, but was also never afraid to speak her mind when she felt something wouldnt work. Not only that, but Marianthe understands music, and was able to create a score based on my own very limited musicality and descriptions of what I needed for particular scenes. The music she produced was so amazing, she accepted my offer to do a five minute piece for another film, which again added depth that otherwise would not have been there without it. She is an exceptional composer and she will always be one of the first composers I go to when I need music.

Bryan Caron: Director of Trinity & The Rose

Spurgeon James

Working with Marianthe was the most pleasant experience I have had working with a composer. She “gets it“ and had an honest understanding of the emotions and feelings I wanted to convey in my film. An awesome composer to collaborate and pitch ideas with and one who will always seek to give you her best work.

Spurgeon James: Director of Touch

David Dortch

Marianthe has a personality that lights up the room when she works. When given key examples, she created a big budget feel to a low budget film. She went out of her way to make sure the film’s music was professional, accurate, and clean. Even when she was finished, Marianthe wanted to improve the music even more. That shows that she is dedicated and passionate about her work. I enjoyed working with her and would definitely hire her again, as well as refer her to others in the industry.

David Dortch: Executive Producer/Lead Actor of Valley 1.0