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Marianthe Bezzerides - Composer for Film, TV and Games

Marianthe is a diverse composer with an evocative musical voice. She is credited on over 40 films, videogames and documentaries and her music has been featured in TV shows such as My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, and featured in shows such as Project Runway and Quest for the One (NBC Sports). She was a staff composer at SomaTone Interactive Audio, a premiere music production company for videogames and interactive media. She worked on titles for such clients as Electronic Arts, Sega, Activision, Legacy Interactive and Ubisoft appearing across several platforms, including casual, mobile, web and Nintendo DS games.

She has enjoyed collaborating with several directors and producers and scored numerous feature films such as Battle Force (LionsGate Home Video) directed by Scott Martin and most recently Crimes and Mister Meanors, directed Jason Prisk whom she worked with on his previous feature film. She also has scored several documentaries such as Dino Costa: Truth Unscripted, directed by Joel Franco, and Backyard, directed by Deia Schlosberg, which won a College Emmy and Humanitarian award for its look at the environmental impacts of fracking.She has assisted major composers and worked in the music department for Seven Pounds directed by Gabriele Muccino. Marianthe is versatile and skilled with the latest audio and software composing platforms. She is also personable, flexible, devoted to the art and craft of creating evocative and effective scores, and focuses on listening to the needs and concerns of filmmakers, directors and videogame producers in their pursuit of the perfect music score.

She has a B.A. in Music Composition from Loyola Marymount University and a Masters degree in Music Composition from California State University Long Beach. She began writing music at a young age, and garnered several awards at the state and local level for her piano compositions. She has performed with many ensembles including symphonic and chamber orchestras, marching and jazz bands. She plays piano, violin, guitar, and string bass.

Last fall she participated in the selective BMI Composing for the Screen Workshop in New York City led by veteran composer, Rick Baitz.